Learn about the principles of Traditional Maori Healing that provide the basis for my Intuitive Healing.


Discover art created on an intuitive level and how Ancient Lore helps  instill positive & healing energy into


......."Reon wears it close to his heart where he senses the energies at work, your eyes are drawn to it like a magnetic force....

......."after 3&1/2 years of trying to conceive and hold a pregnancy to full term, we finally found Audie"....

..."After advice from doctors that I would struggle to fall pregnant due to PCOS and other reproductive issues, I found Audie"...
......" the design and the feel of the stone were to enhance calmness. I can't explain why, but wearing the stone every day gave me the ability to deal with the stress.......

Auckland New Zealand

Auckland - Sept 29-30 2018
Hawaii Is - Oct 29-30th 2018
Hawaii Is - Nov 4 Private sessions

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