Is dependant on your budget and starts
from $200 for pounamu & whalebone basic form pendants. (whalebone when available)

All other art requires an agreed budget to work from.

I'm Audie Beazley and I was born, raised and live in Auckland New Zealand.

In 2002 my life came to a halt. My career as a business executive ended suddenly as I became very sick. My inner voice and knowing said a strong "NO" to the Western medicine treatment options and I went searching for more natural alternatives.
Eventually I came upon a group of Maori Healers that utilised a powerful and direct style of healing that stirred something deep inside me. This chance meeting was to start my spiritual quest and journey of self development.
I am of European and Maori descent but I knew very little of my Maori side as I had grown up with predominantly European influences.  I decided to learn all I could about these traditional Maori healing processes and in turn reconnected with my Maori lineage and the essence of who I am as Maori. At last I had answers for the unusual experiences that had been happening throughout my life. I reopened the door to my intuition with a new foundation on which to build.

I have been a Practitioner of  Maori Healing since 2005. For the first 3 of those years I studied with a group of people under the guidance of a world renowned Tohunga (expert, gifted, spiritual leader) Hohepa De La Mere, affectionately known as Papa Joe.

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  $80 per hour - All bodywork, including
  Pregnancy-Massage & Fertility
  $150 Fertility with Caroline and myself.

Carolines websites;

Price flexibility for single or low income families and the elderly.

Hawaii 50 mins between $100 - $120

Please email me if you would like more information.

Most of the knowledge sharing was through waananga where we would travel on request to Marae (Traditional Maori gathering places) throughout Aotearoa. Waananga is a traditional style of teaching where over a period of time we would eat, sleep, learn and heal in a large family orientated environment. Papa had held waananga for 10 years at this time and had given freely his knowledge and healing and touched the hearts of thousands of people here in Aoteroa and around the world.

Papa Joe - Hohepa Delamere passed over 21st September 2006 but his teachings still live on through his students today.

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