Extra Workshop & Clinic Detail

Workshop Times:
10am - 5pm Auckland
9.30am - 4.30pm Hawaii
9am -4pm Switzerland - Germany (Europe)

Lunch (Shared):
Please bring a plate

Vartamana Retreat, Waitakere, Auckland, NZ
Ho'omana Spa, Makawao, Maui. Hawaii
Kealakekua or Hilo - Big Island

Price & Payments:
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We have a range of payment options to make paying easier.
Pay when you want but make sure you have paid in full 2 weeks before start date - unless by prior arrangement.  

Workshop testimonials

"The Romi Romi workshop series with Audie and Caroline were life changing.  The workshops built upon each other in depth and profundity.  Through receiving Romi I was able to do some ancestral healing work which created inner space and connected me more to my body.  My practice as a bodyworker has reached a whole other level.  It opened up my ability to intuitively feel into the body and facilitate healing for my clients.  I'm more able to ground in my own body and reach into my inner wisdom in a way that was inaccessible to me because of my own blockages.  Receiving Romi and the wisdom and tools that Caroline and Audie have to share has upleveled not only my professional practice but my own physical and spiritual being."

"I felt that the Romiromi training took me deep within and touched my heart. It felt like coming home. The teachings remain present with me, as I am starting to notice how my humanness often keeps me stuck. And reconnecting with my intuitive gifts was the missing piece I've been searching for in my bodywork studies and practice. I am so grateful and honored to have received an introduction into this sacred healing art. I look forward to studying more and deepening my practice in this Maori healing lineage. Thank you both so much for all that you have shared with us. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Aloha!"

"I recently had the pleasure of attending a traditional Maori Healing workshop with Audie and Caroline Beazley. The group was small and intimate, allowing us to go deep and feel safe. Audie and Caroline guided us thru several experimental exercises where we had a chance for self refection, exploration and to connect with our intuition as practitioners. The work they are sharing is so heart centered, so loving, yet very powerful. The demonstrations of the technique were clear and articulate, walking all of us thru it with grace. I felt personally seen, heard and supported as I tried on this new technique and healing style. What a joy to learn from such beautiful humble teachers. I can't wait for them to come back to share more!"

"Aloha Audie!  Thank you so much for a wonderful and insightful workshop.  You and Caroline made me feel so comfortable especially since I am not a body worker by profession. I have started using some of the Romiromi techniques with my Soul Coaching clients.  SO helpful and magical.  Thank you!! I hope to see both of you again!"

Ahh, this picture is so beautiful! "What a wonderful workshop that was with such wonderful INTUITIVE souls.  I enjoyed it very very much...Being in the workshop and being worked on brought light to what was going on inside and made me really stop and listen... and start working through those buried emotions and I am so thankful for that. Thank you for being so wonderful and introducing us all to Romiromi- what seriously powerful work! I hope you will return soon and I can further my learning with you!  Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo!"

What previous Clinic attendees have said:

"Hello Caroline & Audie, It has been a week since I got to meet you, feel your energy and hear the sound of my body. I wanted to let you know how whole I felt after my healing session with you and how I felt as positive as I had not felt in a long time.."

"Dear Audie and Caroline, Needed to let you both know how much I appreciated our work together. You definitely opened some pathways for me on a variety of levels. Crazy amazing!"

"I am working doing healings, as you Audie said. My life has changed amazingly and I know its thanks to what I left on that table in Ho'omana. Love you guys!!!!"

Thank you for considering attending,
Audie Beazley

Auckland May, Jun, Oct 2019
Fundamentals - Integrative Healing - Bodywork Competency Workshops


May 4-5th 
Fundamentals Workshop 1

June 22-23rd
Integrative Healing Workshop 2

Oct 19-20th
Bodywork Competency Workshop 3

HAWAII - Maui, Kona & Pahoa

May 15-16 [Maui]
Bodywork Competency Workshop 3

May 18-19 [Kona]
Kuauli Festival 25min Body Alignments

May 23-24 [Kona]
Fundamentals Workshop 1

May 25-26 [Pahoa]
Integrative Healing Workshop 2


Workshops 1 & 2
950 CHF

Workshop 3
500 CHF  
Workshop with Caroline
250 CHF

with Audie & Caroline
150 CHF

  For Private Clinic  sessions
and all Switzerland enquiries
Contact our local Co-ordinator

Kailehua Katharina Torreiter
+41 (0) 79 104 54 96

2019 Workshop Schedule Overview
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Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3


USUAL $380 NZ Dollars

  EARLY BIRD PAY  $320 NZ Dollars

Please Note: Refund Policy

International - Due to the travel expense we incur in facilitating international workshops, your payment is non refundable.If there are extenuating circumstances which prevent you from attending as planned, we will consider a partial refund on a case by case basis.

In New Zealand - Deposits and or Payments are non refundable 3 weeks prior to workshop commencement date.
Hawaii May 2019
Bodywork Competency
Switzerland Aug 2019
Workshop 1, 2 & 3
PLUS Embodied Voice Workshop

Hawaii May 2019
Fundamentals & Integrative Healing Workshops
Auckland March 2019
Hawaiian & Maori Residential Retreat

Aug 22-25
Fundamentals & Integrative Healing
Combined 4 Day Workshop

Aug 31 - Sep 1
Bodywork Competency 3

Aug 30
Embodied Voice 1Day Workshop

Aug 20 & 28
Private Clinic Appointments

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3


USUAL $350 US Dollars

  EARLY BIRD PAY  $300 US Dollars

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Rotorua NZ
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Germany Workshop 1
Makawao Maui Fundamentals
Makawao Maui Integrative Healing
Germany Workshop  1 & 2

Bodywork  Fundamentals Maui
Fundamentals and Integrative Healing Te Puea Marae
Aotearoa Lomi Romi Residential
Fundamentals Vartamana

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