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Germany Workshop 1
Makawao Maui Fundamentals
Makawao Maui Integrative Healing
Germany Workshop  1 & 2
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Workshop Times:
10am - 5pm Auckland
9am - 4pm Hawaii

Lunch (Shared):
Please bring a plate

Vartamana Retreat, Waitakere, Auckland, NZ
Ho'omana Spa, Makawao, Maui. Hawaii
Makapala or Kealakekua - Big Island

Price & Payments:
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Pay when you want but make sure you have paid in full 2 weeks before start date - unless by prior arrangement.  

Workshop 1 'Bodywork Fundamentals'     

Based on Traditional Romi-Romi this is a bodywork technique that is a potent, quick and direct process for clearing stagnant or unwanted energies.

It resets the whole being back to a balanced state of energy flow.

Healing Principles
Learn the Principles and Protocols of Maori Healing and how through bodywork they can benefit not only your own healing capacity but everything you do in your desire for completeness and wellbeing.

Four Body Alignment
Learn the basics of a full body alignment, the balancing of the 4 main bodies.
We'll also briefly discuss 3 other styles of bodywork - massage for infertility, pregnancy, infants and elderly.

Enhance your Intuition
Learn tips on how to develop your intuition and the ability to receive information about your clients needs beyond just the physical. We are all intuitive and with a little guidance and practice it can be remembered and brought forward to deepen the healing experience.

Utilise these skills
This is an interactive workshop where practical "hands on" experience is a big component. Take what you learn here and integrate these processes and concepts into your own healing practices and everyday lives. 

Workshop 2 'Integrative Healing'      
This workshop will focus strongly on 'Healing' firstly for you and secondly your clients. It will support you to deepen your journey as a facilitator of this unique indigenous approach.

Healing Principles
Integrate and deepen your understanding of the spiritual principles, processes and protocols learnt in 'Fundamentals".  Learn to live and breathe them whilst healing.  Specific karakia/prayer, kaupare/protection chants and waiata /songs will be taught to support your use of Romiromi techniques. Learn to use the energy within kohatu/stones and rakau /wood for healing.

Intuition and Senses
Identify and break through your own personal barriers to being a clear channel for your higher senses of perception to guide your client work. Gain more direction and focus on reading the client to allow communication at a deeper spiritual level.

Develop greater trust and confidence in your healing abilities through practical, interactive giving and receiving of intuitive bodywork.  Learn to assess and give what is needed, to move between, in and out of the different styles.
Special techniques of Ira tangata and Haputanga/[fertility and pregnancy bodywork  will be demonstrated.

Integrative Healing
On Day 2 we plan to have a small "live" free clinic for attendees to offer healing to friends and whanau volunteers.

Workshop 3 'Bodywork Competency'
An opportunity for you to refine and develop new bodywork techniques learnt in your previous workshops and to develop greater mastery of your sense perceptions to deepen the client's healing experience. Practice makes perfect!

Testimonials from our last two Maui Workshops:

"The Romi Romi workshop series with Audie and Caroline were life changing.  The workshops built upon each other in depth and profundity.  Through receiving Romi I was able to do some ancestral healing work which created inner space and connected me more to my body.  My practice as a bodyworker has reached a whole other level.  It opened up my ability to intuitively feel into the body and facilitate healing for my clients.  I'm more able to ground in my own body and reach into my inner wisdom in a way that was inaccessible to me because of my own blockages.  Receiving Romi and the wisdom and tools that Caroline and Audie have to share has upleveled not only my professional practice but my own physical and spiritual being."

"I felt that the Romiromi training took me deep within and touched my heart. It felt like coming home. The teachings remain present with me, as I am starting to notice how my humanness often keeps me stuck. And reconnecting with my intuitive gifts was the missing piece I've been searching for in my bodywork studies and practice. I am so grateful and honored to have received an introduction into this sacred healing art. I look forward to studying more and deepening my practice in this Maori healing lineage. Thank you both so much for all that you have shared with us. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Aloha!"

"I recently had the pleasure of attending a traditional Maori Healing workshop with Audie and Caroline Beazley. The group was small and intimate, allowing us to go deep and feel safe. Audie and Caroline guided us thru several experimental exercises where we had a chance for self refection, exploration and to connect with our intuition as practitioners. The work they are sharing is so heart centered, so loving, yet very powerful. The demonstrations of the technique were clear and articulate, walking all of us thru it with grace. I felt personally seen, heard and supported as I tried on this new technique and healing style. What a joy to learn from such beautiful humble teachers. I can't wait for them to come back to share more!"

"Aloha Audie!  Thank you so much for a wonderful and insightful workshop.  You and Caroline made me feel so comfortable especially since I am not a body worker by profession. I have started using some of the Romiromi techniques with my Soul Coaching clients.  SO helpful and magical.  Thank you!! I hope to see both of you again!"

Ahh, this picture is so beautiful! "What a wonderful workshop that was with such wonderful INTUITIVE souls.  I enjoyed it very very much...Being in the workshop and being worked on brought light to what was going on inside and made me really stop and listen... and start working through those buried emotions and I am so thankful for that. Thank you for being so wonderful and introducing us all to Romiromi- what seriously powerful work! I hope you will return soon and I can further my learning with you!  Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo!"

What previous Clinic attendees have said:

"Hello Caroline & Audie, It has been a week since I got to meet you, feel your energy and hear the sound of my body. I wanted to let you know how whole I felt after my healing session with you and how I felt as positive as I had not felt in a long time.."

"Dear Audie and Caroline, Needed to let you both know how much I appreciated our work together. You definitely opened some pathways for me on a variety of levels. Crazy amazing!"

"I am working doing healings, as you Audie said. My life has changed amazingly and I know its thanks to what I left on that table in Ho'omana. Love you guys!!!!"

Thank you for considering attending.

Audie Beazley

Germany Jun 2017
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Bodywork  Fundamentals Maui

Auckland March 2018
Maui May 2018
Maui May 2018
Integrative Healing#2

Auckland April 2018
Integrative Healing#2
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Fundamentals #1

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